• Q: If I want to enter a patient into one of the trials, how do I go about it?
  • A: The referral form should be completed and faxed back to the Drug Development Program. A physician will assess the referral information to determine whether the patient is eligible for the study. If the patient is eligible, they will be booked in to the next convenient clinic appointment. The patient will have to give informed consent and then have a number of screening investigations performed to confirm eligibility. If the patient is ineligible for the requested study, they may be entered in to an alternative study. All studies will be run at PMH. The Consortium studies will be run at PMH, HRCC and LRCC.
  • Q: I have an idea for a study, whom should I contact?
  • A: Physicians at PMH, HRCC, LRCC should contact their site’s PI to discuss their ideas. Community oncologists should contact the Drug Development Program contact. Most protocols are based on responses to solicitations from NCI but NCI also welcomes unsolicited ideas if there is a strong scientific rationale for doing the study, the drug is available and there are no other competing studies at NCI. The steering committee will evaluate and assess each proposal.
  • Q: I have a great idea for a newsletter article. Who do I call?
  • A: Pam Degendorfer, the program manager would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact her via the Drug Development contact.