The goal of the Drug Development Program web site is to facilitate communication about the Drug Development Program, the Phase II Consortium and current and upcoming clinical trials.


Dr. Malcolm Moore, the director of the program, states “We hope that by making physicians more aware of our current clinical trials, we will be able to offer patients a greater opportunity to be involved in studies with novel anti-cancer agents and make further advances in the treatment and control of cancer.”

The Drug Development Program has rapidly increased its staff over the last few years due to the growth of the program and the number of high-quality clinical trials. The main staff list is as follows:

Dr. Malcolm Moore Director
Dr. Amit Oza Co-Director
Dr. Lillian Siu Co-Director
Dr. Eric Chen Co-Director
Maryke Abbott Administrative Coordinator
Robin Cheiken Program Manager – Phase I
Katrina MacAlpine Program Manager – Phase II
Sheila Webster Nurse Manager Clinical Trials – DMOH
Dr. Carol Townsley Clinical Associate
Jane Nagai Pharmacist

We also have a dedicated staff of clinical research coordinators, fellows, assistant managers and students.


  1. 1. To rapidly conduct clinical trials designed to assess the antitumour activity of novel agents, either alone or in combination.
  2. To implement appropriate translational research studies that complement phase II studies to allow elucidation of:
    • Mechanism of action of anti-cancer drugs
    • Mechanism of drug resistance
    • Molecular factors predicting for response and resistance
    • Tumour microvasculature and angiogenesis
  3. To conduct timely and high quality clinical and translational studies.
  4. To regard patient safety to be paramount during the design and implementation of every study.