The Drug Development Program at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in Toronto, Ontario is an exciting initiative focusing on phase I and II studies of innovative drugs with a strong emphasis on pharmacokinetics and correlative studies. It involves a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach and is strategically designed to ensure the rapid completion of high quality studies. The Program is led by Drs. Malcolm Moore, Eric Chen, Amit Oza and Lillian Siu.

Our program is demonstrating leadership in the clinical and translational development of new anti-cancer drugs as we strive to design, implement and study the efficacy and action of novel anti-cancer therapeutic agents within the context of innovative phase I and II studies. We are committed to providing excellent patient care, and consider patient safety to be paramount during the design and implementation of every study.

We aim to rapidly conduct clinical trials designed to assess the antitumour activity for National Cancer Institute (NCI - United States), National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) sponsored agents and pharmaceutical company sponsored trials. These trials will take place primarily within 10 priority disease sites: colorectal, pancreas, renal, bladder, prostate, small cell and non-small cell lung, ovary, cervix and head and neck.

The Drug Development Program conducts timely and high quality clinical and translational studies. Novel translational research studies complement phase II studies to allow elucidation of:

  • Mechanism of action of anti-cancer drugs
  • Mechanism of drug resistance
  • Molecular factors predicating for response and resistance
  • Tumour microvasculature and angiogenesis