The PMH Phase II Consortium has been selected as the first Canadian centre to carry out National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored phase II clinical trials of new anti-cancer drugs. The NCI is the US federal government's principal agency for conducting and supporting cancer research. There are only 8 phase II consortiums in North America and this is the only non-US based consortium.

The Princess Margaret Hospital Phase II Consortium, directed by Dr. Malcolm Moore, is a new entity specifically designed to focus on improving access to new NCI anti-cancer drugs. The lead site is Princess Margaret Hospital, with Dr. Malcolm Moore, Dr. Amit Oza, Dr. Lillian Siu and Dr. Eric Chen as co-Principal Investigators. The consortium boasts sixteen other cancer sites throughout Canada and the US.

It is expected that between 6-8 phase II trials of new agents will be conducted every year, involving about 100-200 patients from all 4 sites. Trials in colorectal, pancreas, renal, bladder, prostate, small and non small cell lung cancer, ovary, cervix and head and neck cancer will be identified as priority disease sites.